I know I haven't been faithfully updating this space, I've been well disconnected from the cyber world trying to do up mindmaps full of ideas for this blog, not that is great but it doesn't make me feel like how it used to- in a very bad way. How can I even put it? And I'd rather update less than every other day drowning you in boredom about my life and thoughts on a day to day basis. It is hard to deny this blog is a huge part of me and without it, it's as good as me being cut in two and never being able to retrieve my other half again. I guess I haven't been feeling at my best but that doesn't matter anymore. Anyway, hope you all are doing great! Let's play a game shall we?

My name is Melody I am sixteen going seventeen and a day-dreamer.
I love happy, cheerful things like ribbons, cute little Polaroid pictures and pink coloured pancakes for breakfast served with a pot of tea.
How about you?