Wednesday was really one of those days I genuinely enjoyed my own company for the entire afternoon. I spent the day renting dvds, making a trip to the supermarket and having a hard time pushing my shopping cart, went over budget to fulfill everything in my shopping list, and had my aunt's home entirely to myself while I spent the following three hours making potato salad and paramesan stuffed meatballs in marinara sauce. Uhmm yummmmmy its hard for me to even type this and harder before while I was editing pictures I had to run to the kitchen to grab some oreos! Feels great to know my hard work in the kitchen paid off because everything was gone squeaky clean and I got 100 points for a first in making meatballs! Oh my god, I can never express the joy cooking and eating brings me :) On a random note, I am not a fan of Adam Lambert's music (never listen to his songs from his album before except maybe on MTV) but I loved him to death on Idol and the thought of him being here in Singapore next weekend for an invitation only concert at Universal Studios (I am DYING to visit Universal I know the rides aren't functioning yet if I'm not wrong but I wanna sit on the Transformers ride!! Staff in Orlando told me its realllllly good) is just driving me nuts ha ha does anyone here want to buy a hundred copies of his Deluxe Edition of his album and just donate to me the serial number so I might have the teeny chance of winning tickets to the concert! I might grab two copies tomorrow... hopefully if shopping with the girls doesn't equal to more shoe porn otherwise I would just forget about the whole thing and kiss my new shoes to sleep.