Almost Lover.

5preview kind of made my day today when I got home to see their package lying on my desk, and instead of one came two tees! More pictures soon like I promised them. Thank you 5preview! Anyway YES I am finally home after a very miserable 12 hour long flight (When I saw my seat number, Oh 53C, I didn't think C would be an aisle seat so too bad for me that I only found out when I was boarding.) and am extremely exhausted, not having slept a wink for two whole days now. To sum up my entire trip, I can only say I was pretty thankful my trip got further extended because it allowed me to meet some of my extended family I have never met before in South London (very far from Princes Risborough..), I stayed with them for two days before they sent me off at Heathrow. And being able to stay with friends or family, just watching them live their lives proved to be so much for me and I appreciated everything so I couldn't help getting all emotional at times. Its nothing like here in Singapore. What more can I say? I love England too much, and miss everyone there. Its been a blast and I can't wait for next time! Some have asked to share some of my new loots I got during the trip, I will probably update again, this space has been pretty mundane anyway. Goodnight! Room needs some straightening up.