Destination: UK! (Part One)

My room for two weeks. Lugged 16.6 kg of clothing from the airport, nearly missed my flight in Singapore because I was stupid enough to think that I had enough time to jump from skytrain to skytrain to each terminal to find myself camera lenses since I left mine at home. Running around in my four inch boots and panting as I boarded, "MAM TO LONDON MAM, YOU NEARLY MISSED IT MAM, PLEASE MAKE WAY..." I was the last to board... hah for a first time. In Heathrow at the immigration checkpoint, I got detained, I was given a slip which scared the hell out of me because it said "YOU HAVE BEEN DETAINED (TICK), I HAVE CONFISCATED YOUR PASSPORT (TICK)" and I sat in a bench for 20 minutes, my heart pumping like crazy not knowing whats going to happen next, and at the same time, praying so fucking hard nothing bad was about to happen, which was kind of depressing at the same time having to watch everyone else go through immigration without any problem while I continued sitting there...and it turned out to be nothing -.- The guy just went to make a call to make sure someone was there to pick me up. I ran out and found my hardcase to be the last one on the conveyor belt. What an amazing start to my 'holiday of a lifetime'. It was so so good to see Sophie again!

Day 3 spent at Camden Market followed by Notting Hill where we went down Portobello Market in Portobello Road, got tons of vintage rings here! Interesting boutiques and a lot of food.

Boutique surrounded by sewing machines!

So in love with Rory!! Who went mad at me.....maybe because I was asian (My dog used to be racist so I assumed)

Tasteless paper candy from Topshop.

Brick Lane would be my favourite, at first we thought we got lost because it was a whole stretch of indian shops and restaurants all going "Come in come in, very delicious!!" and that was also where I discovered how much I'm in love with chicken Bhuna curry, uhmmmhmm yummmmy. As we had our lunch, we saw so many cool people walking up the street so we decided that is where we shall be and that was how we found our way to Brick Lane, it was packed to the max, full of street performers, street shops full of secondhand and vintage clothing and accessories, the best dressed people (note: More than half of the people photographed in Face Hunter's hard copy book were taken in Brick lane), loads of eye candy, street photographers, FOOD, and everything bizzare at the same time. Our train rides to London from Princes Risborough would consist of catching up on sleep, or having a bacon roll from the cafe and munching along quietly, watching everything pass me. And going home was just as fun, when it got really packed, we jumped onto the luggage shelves and sat there, swinging our legs throughout the entire journey, munching on sausage rolls or an oreo truffle and me listing down all my expenses for the day in my little note book. I didn't write anything about my trip, so all this is rather blunt and straightforward. But I can remember every detail in my mind and thats good enough for me. And I thank God (: