i need a second to breathe

Dress by Zara

Can I just leave the pictures till when I get back? There's too many! And I wish I have my MacBook with me so I can edit my pictures just the way I want.
We spent today in London on the red bus tours and the past two days has been freezing cold so you can imagine what it was like being on the open top double deck bus.....hair in your face, shivering...but it was all good, we chased and marched along with the guards at the Buckingham Palace, took a river cruise and went under the London Bridge and Tower Bridge, I was hesitant about the London Eye because a half hour on it just made me feel bored thinking about it so I gave it a miss.
Yesterday also in London at Brick Lane which was amazing, I've never seen so much vintage clothing in a day and uhum...so much eye candy as well. I would say its where some of the best dressed come out to play and just going through the entire market was an experience on its own, sadly I couldn't really be bothered to get anything vintage, Beyond Retro and Rokit was too messy and huge and packed its CRAZY
...and I missed them again today at Covent Garden. They're the two best vintage stores around here, everything second hand! Instead I bought the cutest dress...made in thailand (LOL I know)...I was really surprised to see so many stores I usually saw in Platinum, Chatuchak etc. there, there were quite a number of thais and obviously the clothes were just as good but probably five times the price because everything is in pounds. SO to sum it up, my week has been going pretty well, I've met some of Sophie's really lovely friends and her mum and dad are so adorable, it makes me sad that by now next week I will be home....in my room probably and not sure when Sophie and I will have the time to see each other again because our countries are so different from each other and vacation period is completely off track. But oh well, nothing negative for now. Shopping in London tomorrow, first day dedicated entirelly to shopping at last, but honestly today was the only day I didn't buy anything so far....can't blame me, spring/summer collections are always lush! Toodies.