Zara leopard fur jacket, DRY CLEAN ONLY cropped tee, Topshop shorts. jewellery from around the world.

I've said it before and I will say it again, thais are geniuses, they have this mind thats able to create magical things out of nothing and when I chanced upon the Dry Clean Only store in Bangkok, I was so amazed just standing outside the shop window, some of the best displays definitely belong to these small little shops in markets. And my recent trips to bangkok were on budget so anything above a few thousand baht is too expensive for my taste however I couldn't get these tees out of my mind even by the time I was back in Singapore, the designers DIY-ed them out of vintage eagle shirts before sewing on the sequins one by one, and each shirt is one of a kind so when I saw a local boutique selling stuff from their label, I asked the boss if he would be bringing in these shirts and lucky me, it was mine by the end of the week even though I clearly paid almost double the price than what it was in Bangkok it doesn't matter anymore, I am in love!