I am terribly sorry that I haven't been updating, life has been mundane but tomorrow (wait did I spell that right/ or is it tomorow- Oh god no, I hate it when I am dumbfounded by the spellings of the simplest words, because somehow they look alienated to me when typed or written out) anyway as I was saying, TOMORROW, yes I think I got that one right, TOMORROW I will officially be on my way to the UK! My room is a huge mess right now and I have a gazillion packages to mail out tomorrow, I have no idea how I'm going to drag everything to the post office and I'm not even halfway done with the packing, the past few nights all I've been up to is jotting down what I plan to wear then trying them on and dancing in front of the mirror listening to my favourite feel good songs. The trip should let me have more than enough to update here for sometime then! Got four boxes of instax film plus two boxes for my jelly cam and in all i'm taking 3 cameras with me, or should I say four since there's a camera in iPhone as well. Time to get busy, night!

Oh and Ps, Hosanna how could you think I would forget? Happy 3rd.