Princes Risborough

Sophie's home is in a little village called Princes Risborough which is 40 minutes outside of London, its really nice and peaceful like a whole community and I spent yesterday afternoon just hanging around in the park, and exploring the little village before heading out for an indian dinner. Past two days has been Ripley's at Picadilly Circus then shopping at Oxford Street where I got a headache just stepping into Topshop which was the biggest in the whole of England so I happily shopped away at H&M instead! Yesterday morning we spent at Bicester Village and I don't know if its just me but people here seem to have never seen asians wearing 5 inch high boots before, I was getting stares everywhere. But oh well, we're heading out to London again today for Camden Market and Notting Hill which I hope will be good! Hope everything's going on well in Spore! Brrr its freezing here! OH and I forgot to add, that lovely lady in the photo above is Sophie's adorable grandma Hetty who is without a doubt the coolest grandma I have ever came across, she's 84 and cycles around the village. Yesterday in the car she was explaining in every detail on how Man-U lost the champions League and doing the audiences reaction with her hands and screaming in the car, I was silently laughing till it hurt, and there was more but ah I have to go get ready now! Tata ~