PARIS T-Shirt by 5PREVIEW, Socks, PAINTINGDELIA, Shoes, Zara, Rings, H&M, Camden Market, and everywhere else.

Big thank you to 5PREVIEW again, for sending me the tees, had a great day shooting with Sherman yesterday afternoon though who can deny the weather in Singapore has been horrific, ever since I got back from the UK, there hasn't been a day where I'm not sweating like a mad dog. Most comfy tee in my wardrobe, a bit on the loose side but they're just as fun oversized! I suspect they're about to be worn to death. Sherman has been hinting me to share them with him. Thank you thank you thank you 5PREVIEW!!! I send all my love from Singapore. Oh and if you guys are wondering, thats the mega 1 kg chocolate bar I was talking about! So much fun isn't it? Lugged 3 home with me from Heathrow, this bar melted under the sun yesterday, good luck finishing it Shermy!