Dress, a gift. Wedges, Mango (Checked them out), Rings, H&M Divided and everywhere else, bucket Bag, Louis Vuitton.

Post Applebee's. Day spent picking out clothing from NSHA @ Blueprint (So much fun! Thank you NSHA!) before I finally got to fulfill my appetite for that unforgettable steak with shrimp sauce I had at Applebee's in NY but sadly.... nothing beats the real deal. It was nothing fantastic.

Sorry I am such a food addict, I can probably start my own food blog if I carry on ranting abut food. Anyway not many people know this about me but you will hardly ever see me eating junk food, no chocolates, no potato crips.... except for the occasional oreos or ritz bitz if that counts... I'm a real food kind of person. I need full proper meals with a huge variety and if I'm not satisfied, my day is somewhat affected. I must get the kick out of my meal. And, never give me a bar of chocolate, I will never eat it. I hate having chocolate on its own and that funny taste its leaves in your mouth. Plus the stained teeth. People just think I'm crazy, but ha ha ha I eat chocolatey stuff if that helps! Just never choc on its own..

Been awake for the past 24 hours without having slept a wink, I think I am suffering from insomnia, I'm physically exhausted but my mind is wide awake and I'm stressed out with all these different ideas my mind is coming up with, just all to achieve my fashion dream. Its too much!! Helpppppp. Sleepless nights because of this?! Ahhhhhh :(