Destination: UK! (Part Two)

This was out day spent touring around London in an open-top red bus, going around and around the city. It was incredibly cold that day, so just imagine how much we were freezing at the top, huddling in our coats but still enjoying everything around us. Slowly taking it all in. We chased the guards at the Buckingham, and didn't realise the changing of guards was so huge there, I've never seen so many people crowding around the gates of the Palace before, climbing all over the fountains. The bus tour came with a free river cruise where we cruised below the Tower Bridge and London Bridge, went pass many iconic buildings and features. Ended the day with a chinese buffet in Chinatown.

One of my favourite days in the trip, entirely dedicated to shopping at Oxford Circus. Probably also a very stressful day because I spent two and a half hours circling around Topshop looking for something to buy but shoes were either out of my size (REGRET!!!! Not getting them the first time I was there a week earlier.) or everything was pretty much the same as it was in Singapore and I really didn't go crazy over anything I tried. So I left the store rather depressed. But just for blogging sakes, Topshop is huge as you can imagine. In the whole of Oxford Street alone, there are about 3 or 4 H&Ms and Zaras and yada yada but this was the only stand alone building of Topshop (I wouldn't count the one in Selfridges as a stand alone). 4 levels full of extreme madness, none stop. Staff scrambling everywhere, fitting rooms so huge, people grabbing every item as if the store was on 90% off. Tons of other cool shit in the store, like the Topshop Candy Store, vintage (very expensive) clothing and accessories, hair salons, eye brow palour, mani and pedi station, make-up bar, all sorts of small international labels from other parts of the UK and Australia, huge E.A.T Cafe, shoe level dedicated to shoes only from Topshop and other labels like Faith, Jeffrey Campbell... etc. now who wouldn't love Topshop in London anyway?!

This was our road trip to Eastborne! I was so happy there,we visited Winston Churchill's home then drove up a couple of hours before reaching Eastborne. We were literally screaming by the time we checked into the hotel, ran to the beach and screamed whenever we walked past somewhere that was in the Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging movie. Had Harry Ramsdens' fish and chips by the sea, played in the arcade before my shoes broke into pieces. Had a sumptuous 3 course dinner in the hotel with her family then Sophie and I sneaked out of the hotel and had a late night walk around the town, arm in arm because it was so dark then found ourselves sitting on a bench in front of the beach talking about dreams and lovers. It was such a night, Eastborne might be a pretty boring place to be honest but I love it to bits. Can't wait to visit again! Next time I'm gonna have to make a stop at Brighton and scream at where Robbie had his Stiff Dylans gig ha ha ha. Not that I love them but anything for Aaron Johnson!!!!! How many of you just LOVE him and the movie!!!! Watched it so many times, rewinding over and over at our favourite bits then screaming and hugging each other when we get jealous.

My bench I covered in natural chalk, went around writing all sorts of lovely things on all the benches in the cliff. And brought home a piece of natural chalk as well.. just for keepsakes.

On the way home from Eastborne, we visited the Beachy Head (Downland Eastborne- a cliff edge, many go there to commit suicide apparently because its a huge cliff edge and very very very steep) Seven Sisters, Long Man of Willmington, Bluebell Railway Station, where they have the old-fashioned steam trains.... ASDA's mega mart!!! (Love grocery shopping!)

Random days we will hang out with Sophie's friends in the park, I had amazing BBQ chicken and pasta salad I got from Tesco's and we'd bring whatever food we have over and lie on the grass and I listen to them talk all day. This cute girl above is Laura and I had a wicked time jumping on her trampoline in her backyard, screaming like I was about to die.....because it was my first time on a trampoline. Do not laugh at me. We had Haagen Daz's strawberry cheesecake ice cream and Cadbury's creme egg ice cream on the trampoline, drinking lemon water and talking about our lives. Loved days like these in Princes Risborough.

This was where I stayed for the last 2 nights of my trips in a town called Shirley, in South Croydon, an hour and a half from Princes Risborough. Completely different from what I've experienced over the past two weeks. A lot of soul-searching done there for me, I was very much keen on extending my trip but SIA wasn't accepting any re-bookings till May thanks to the volcanic ash situation. So a very upset me had to pack up and leave just like that, my flight was the day after heathrow reopened. I was honestly expecting it to be cancelled. Ha ha ha :(

At Heathrow, where they have no luggage trolleys after you check-in... had a horrible last English Breakfast for lunch, and this is my cousin if i'm not wrong! Rosie or however its spelt but she's soooooo adorable with her little accent and she's only two. Got 3 mega 1kg Cadbury chocolate bars, had a rough time walking to the boarding gate with no trolley, my 10 kg handcarry bag on one side and candy shopping on the other.... (3kg taken up by choc alone plus all sorts of other sweets and biscuits). And that sums up my trip! Sorry if its all so whiny and stuff but i'd do it all over again. Absolutely cannot wait to be back. Plans to set up a store in Brick amazing people. My God, I would do anything.