Thought I should maybe do a short update just for some fun, Hosanna's 19th birthday was on Monday and I baked this rainbow layer cake for her all afternoon, I was so stressed out in the kitchen but thank God, Hannah and Sherms saved me abit. I had to make the batter, then divide it into six portions before mixing the colours then baking each layer separately because I had only 2 pans. Many of you have been emailing me and commenting here to ask about the recipe but its fairly that simple (but still, pretty stressful if you have to do it alone), I use no particular recipe for the cake (its plain butter cake) and you can even use those cake mixes where you just add water or something I'm not very sure because I've always done my baking from scratch. Just that when you're doing cupcakes, you don't have to bake the layers separately because for the layer cake, I put buttercream frosting between certain layers. To make the buttercream frosting, all you need is butter and icing sugar and use a beater to mix it up! No measurements, if it needs to be sweeter, plop in more icing sugar and you're done. I use buttercream frosting for my rainbow cupcakes as well. Just for the record, Hosanna's little birthday surprise was a success unlike last year, we surprised her while she was having a picnic with her boyfriend and in the middle of the picnic, I pretended I had to pee but actually, we went upstairs and filled the entire room with balloons. Spent the rest of the night jumping on the bed and playing with them, it was so lovely to look at. Well anyway, I hope this post solves your questions about all the baking! Always nice spending a day in the kitchen alone (minus the stress), its where I genuinely get to enjoy my own company with my ipod blasting on the HI-FI player, singing and dancing ha ha ha don't judge!