I think its kind of sad that I've been so lazy recently, its getting me nowhere. So much to be done and I'm not really bothered at all. Time flies too quickly when you're having fun. When my dad found out that all the clothes we bought together 2 months ago during our buying trip had not been put up for sale... he went all jittery for a moment because I happened to be shooting at that time, running in and out of the house for 4 fours straight. And because I've been so caught up with my "can't be bothered with anything" attitude, Hosanna kindly created a webstore for me (livejournal is being a total bitch, bloody annoying I swear!), we're still in the midst of posting everything up for me so stay tuned, I will update again! Very adorable babydolls, straw bags and clutches like the one above I got from London just to put up in Buynaked initially. For now I guess we'll just have to stick with SHOPMISSINGAVENUE. Be sure to check out when its all up and going!