Black Drapes

No excuses for my lack of updates here on this space but all I can say it my mind is fucked. Too much going on these days! Anyway, just as a little project for myself and this space, I have contacted some amazing people to interview for a little series to post here. I'm still in the midst of finalizing my questions and going through different people. Today was my first interview with fashion photographer, Fadli Rahman who is simply a bunch of fun. The whole thing was full of laughter, I will probably post the interview here before I leave Singapore on Sunday to make up for while I'm away. I can't wait for my other interviews! Today was a great start and I'm excited about the rest. The above pictures was how I looked like today, shot by Fadli of course. I'm not sure where the dress is from but I got it from Hosanna and love it, satin clogs from a lovely girl named Tania and necklaces from H&M Divided. Have a great weekend everyone, I'm gonna spend my saturday morning baking in the kitchen! What are your plans? Xxx!