£5.99 I Heart London tee which we snipped off into crop tops plus paper crowns that I took forever to make (and forever to make them stay in place on our heads..), I don't really know how much else to describe my day, spent hours in a warzone scattered everywhere with clothes, sequins, paper and make-up. Was running around the grocery market and stationery store before all that and we got rather oily in the kitchen making lunch (singapore Tze-Char style, cereal prawns YUM!). Needless to say I had sick fun but as for now, I am just dead beat and trying to get over my bank statement. I swear I'm going to start a donation widget in this blog soon. Ha ha ha perhaps one day a tycoon would drop by and make a donation....don't disrupt my endless crazy fantasies for now will you? Have a nice Friday!

Ps, don't you just love the dino puppets we played with? Thanks Marrcus!