Another heart calls.

I've been so excited to share some of my new loots I just got from Hosanna today (thank you babe!), 2 new pairs to add to my collection, shoes definitely make me and my feet very very happy. The leopard wedges somehow remind me of The Flintstones, I haven't thought of how I will wear them yet but aren't they cute! I've always been a pretty boring person when it comes to shoes, I love wedges more than anything and having leopard wedges is a bit of a step for me because I'm always all matchy matchy with what I wear or they just end up rotting in my wardrobe. Pardon the little scar on my ankle, my feet are worn out and battered from all the different shoes I've been experimenting with this past year. As for the clogs, I kind of have nothing to say about them because I love them so much, all I can think of is where I'm going to where them to. They are perrrrfecccct and I'm sorry Phoebe Philo, I really really couldn't help myself...

On a lighter note, I am sure those of you who have been following this blog since I first started would know that I was pretty expressive about my feelings in the beginning. If I was sad everyday, I blogged about it through using random sad lyrics or a very disheartening chunk of word vomit. Over time, it's obvious I've been extremely selective on what I post here these days. I guess the only reason which is stopping me from deleting those old posts is the fact that I shouldn't feel ashamed of who I was in the past, I've grown through the years of course and I am still learning everyday. I know this comes about very random, knowing how I'm not very fond of wordy posts myself but it's just weird because I feel so much at peace today. I found myself spending over three and a half hours alone at Coffee Bean reading Tuesdays with Morrie right from the very beginning again. And this time, I took down notes. I was able to go home without having to repeat my favourite feel good songs on my iPod but just let everything go with the flow. It's just very very rare for me to feel this way because I'm always living in a delusion. Not blogging about how I feel doesn't mean that I haven't had my ups or downs. I kind of want to feel this peace forever. Appreciating small things around me or even smiling at a complete stranger I walk pass. The funny thing is that stranger smiles back! Or at least I think he or she did. Guess Mitch Albom never fails me, his books always leave me extremely calm, giving me this satisfaction I just can't help feeling so darn good about.

Oh and by the way, if you love the leopard wedges, Hosanna is having a giveaway so good luck!