JIPABAN is an online shopping mall offering shoppers an experience of a lifetime with a wide variety of products from fantastic stores like Little Red Heels, Carbon 12, Robot Ninjas, Trixette and 1912! As school is starting for me next month, I need to start planning all my outfits to wear and Jipaban is just the perfect start as I'm able to shop from all these stores at once! And comfortably at home lying in bed with my MacBook in front of me :)

Little Red Heels has clothing for every occasion! I love all their chic and cool outfits!

This castle button cropped blazer from Little Red Heels is my favourite piece from the store! Its simple but classic and I can see myself living in it, pairing it with my favourite sailor stripe tops and dresses! And some killer shoes would do the trick :) I could wear it everyday, its so comfortable and me!

I love this striped oversized top as well, it goes perfectly with the blazer above and everyone knows how much I love stripes anyway!

Robot Ninjas has a wide selection of trendy clothing in the latest fashion for not just girls but for guys too! I can buy presents for my favourite boy pals now :)

I love this bamboo scoop top, would totally pair it with some chunky necklaces and my favourite black wedges. Its so easy, I could take less than 5 minutes getting this outfit together, great for lazy days where I'm nearly late for school! I can really picture mixing all my outfits with my favourite shoes and accessories.

Trixette is another store in Jipaban filled with cute floral frocks and fun tees that will surely make anyone's day!

This is my favourite piece from the store, I would wear it exactly like how the model is wearing it because it looks so put together even though its simple. I will probably carry a nice, loud coloured handbag to make my outfit stand out and add some bracelets for a final touch :)

1912 has clothing for more formal occasions, if you're heading to a party and need a black dress, go to 1912! They also have tons of accessories like rings. I love rings so so much, I feel naked without my rings.

This piece from 1912 totally reminds me of Topshop, and it makes me feel skinny because its a bustier dress. Now who doesn't love feeling thin!! I will pair it with a nice black clutch and put on some classic 5" black pumps.

Carbon 12 is a store that sells tons of Apple accessories! They aim to be fashionable and functional with their products.

This Iphone case is so cute! It reminds me of a watermelon and I love love love watermelons. I can buy all the Iphone casings they have and swop it everyday for school next time!

You can authorize Jipaban with Facebook which makes shopping at Jipaban double the fun! Just click on the green tab that says "Authorize with Facebook" in your Jipaban profile page. This way, your friends can see what you have been purchasing plus items you add onto your Egg-On list allows yours friends to vote and comment whether they like the item or not which is so cool! This way, I can ask my friends for advice if I like an item but am not sure if I should buy it!

Jipaban is definitely a one stop shopping mall for me to grab outfits of different styles and it has everything a budding fashion student needs to dress well for school! I love Jipaban!!!!!!!!