Lashes In A Snap

So I got my lashes done at Browhaus the other day, had so much fun. Always love the friendly staff there. It was a rather quick process, way quicker than I expected. The lashes were done in thirty minutes! And they didn't feel sticky at all, the glue doesn't sting either. I was able to open my eyes almost immediately after the process, was so excited to look at them!

Me about to get my make-up removed!

I was so amused with the woman doing my lashes, I mean how is it possible for anyone to be able to stick the lashes patiently one by one? Insane. And with so much care. It was a no-pain process, I felt like I was in heaven, sipping the most yummy hot lemon tea at the same time. It so worth it! I am so in love with them!

Before and after pics!

Couldn't help playing abit in front of the camera with my new lashes!

I've had the lashes for a few days now and before getting them I was worried they'd be hard to maintain but they're so lightweight and comfortable and I'm able to enjoy the extensions with very little adjustments made to my lifestyle. I can still head out for a swim or wash my face as per normal, just not rub my eyes too much. And I also feel comfortable going out without any make-up! I am not so sensitive about my eyes anymore. With the lashes, they've opened up a lot which feels great because I'm sure all of you know how I've always felt about my small eyes! I would love to talk more about Browhaus but I forgot to take photos of the store interior!!! Which I thought was such a waste because each of the 11 outlets in Singapore is designed to a different theme. I had an enjoyable experience and I'm definitely coming back next time, maybe to get my brows done! If you're wondering, Browhaus is your one stop shop for your facial grooming needs and they have 6 other outlets worldwide in Jakarta, Manila, Shanghai, a new outlet in New York City is opening this month and in Hong Kong and London (I miss London!!!) in September! Much thanks to Browhaus for the experience, I had a lot of fun!