Hey, I'm back in Singapore again, my trip was great but probably a tad too long and I am just THANKFUL I didn't have to pay for overweight baggage. And before I begin to unpack 35 kg of clothing, I really have to blog about my Miu Miu nails. I just knew I could leave it to this woman who has a little nail art stall outside of Pratunam to do ANYTHING I wanted for my nails the last time I saw her and I was damn right! She painted 3 swallows into each nail, before adding the crystals despite her own really distracting fake leopard nails and I was pretty much amazed at how accurate her work was. So happy I couldn't help paying more. I am so so so in love! Anyway now that I'm back, there is a ton to do and the stress is killing me, I can only pray and hope it all goes smoothly. Xx!