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One of my dear friends has been working extremely hard on her shoe label and I was lucky enough to be the first one who had the opportunity to take a little sneak peek in her collection. While she is still busy putting together the other pairs of shoes, these three above will definitely make any girl a very happy one, raising your height by another 6 inches! They're probably the most comfortable (honestly!) six inch wedges I've stepped into. Shyen aims to provide its customers with very happy feet, they're not only comfy but also extremely lightweight. Shyen is definitely the antidote to anyone's shoe addiction, I can kiss all my feet woes goodbye! I am so so so excited to see what else she's coming up with, some of the designs will be available for preorder when my new webstore is up! I promise to update all of you again! My current favourite is the dino wedges (second pair), I kind of named them the 'dino' wedges because of the material my friend used, they're so adorable I think I'm going to get a pair for myself! Anyway, I might introduce my friend to all of you guys next time, she's so full of talent I can't help feeling so proud. Just a bit of background info, she graduated from Lasalle, College of the Arts with a degree in fashion design. I'm so excited to be able to be a part of all this :)