Pardon the unsightly hair parting in the last picture, the weather yesterday was kind of a bitch but anyway we managed to snap a few quick pictures of what I was wearing. This crochet fringe-y dress above is my favourite and most expensive buy from Bangkok, its by thai local label, Baking Soda which you can find at Siam Square, I am so in love with their current summer collection! I would buy everything in it but its way too pricey, this dress caught my eye as I walked past the store front, speaking of store fronts, may I just add that Siam Square is a huge inspiration for me. The display in the shop windows are up to every detail and can leave you your mind boggled for a few seconds, at least for me... I leave the mall 101% inspired more than half the time. Full of thai local labels which is paradise for any average shopaholic, my dream of opening a thai multi-label boutique cum cafe somehow comes to life whenever I'm there. Okay so back to the dress, its so easy for a nice day out to the shops or the beach, I honestly hope I could have owned it in every colour. Wasn't too sure if it was appropriate to wear out at first when I first tried it on but I guess I couldn't help myself and decided it doesn't matter whether anyone likes it or not because I love it! So I saw myself running back to the store the next day right after I was done at Chatuchak. Much love to Fadli and Jack for everything!