All I seem to you

1. Big Ben 2.Thames river cruise & the London Eye 3 & 4. Portobello Market 5. Kiss point! @ Notting Hill if I remember correctly 6. Phone booths 7. One of the scenes where Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging was shot 8. Eastborne cliff with 2 birdies watching over us.

Random shots taken on film in London, I just miss everything about that place, from tube rides, running from store to store every other day at Oxford Street, chasing the guards at the Buckingham, red bus tours, getting inspired in Brick Lane, the most delicious chicken bhuna that I'm never able to find in Singapore (Indian restaurants anyone?), the random strangers I met whom faces I still remember, to all the amazing people I got to know, trips down to Tesco's to get snacks like bbq chicken for one pound fifty and happy times in Eastborne skipping arm in arm, screaming to the sea, running to get some fish & chips to snack on the beach and talking about everything love....All my dreams are based in England, I absolutely cannot wait, fingers crossed I'm able to fly back next Spring! Anyway, I'm somewhat expecting lesser updates on this space now that my 9 month long break has just ended, school seems to be....I have nothing to say (for now). All I know is I need to make some friends and get myself mentally and physically prepared for the work load awaiting me. But I have exciting projects for this blog which hopefully will turn out great since time is gonna be quite an issue from now. Oh well, we shall see. Have a great week everyone!