I am fully aware what this space has been lacking of and its equally upsetting me, I've only been through the very first week of lessons at school and I'm in dire need of a break already. Kind of dreading what awaits for me but then again, I'm thankful I have this space to come back to every other day. Above photos are shot by Sherman, I have so much to thank this guy for. Shall not elaborate here but I love him anyhow. I've been dressed in a whole lot of black from head to toe lately, I like it but my friends have described me as a 'dark force' or 'witch-looking'. Black always justifies everyone in my opinion, I have no idea how long I might stick to it but I love it, I can never stop wearing black. Current favourites will have to be my sheer shirts like the one above, the charcoal longline cardigan I received from W.A.R some posts back and maybe a good ol' two-way maxi I'm able to wear as both a skirt and a dress. Black is always good and will never not be don't you think?

Anyway I'm in the mood for questions right now, so ask me anything! I will do my best to answer everything the next time I post!