2 photos of inspiration

Image source : Nastygal, Fashion Toast

I have always had a heavy obsession for capes and ponchos, I cannot describe how much I love the two above. They're gypsy-like in a way and yet, mysterious at the same time knowing that you can easily hide under, forget the black for abit! And still have some fun with them, perfect for a nice cold post-rainy day. But just try to imagine if I were to stroll down Orchard Road or something along there wearing one of these....I'd probably be too out of place, and the talk of the town knowing that this is Singapore (Good or bad, thats not really the point here). I love attention like this anyhow because its the only time I dare say I feel the most comfortable in what I'm wearing and I know I'm special. Just different. Wearing capes and ponchos make me feel very special in a way I cannot describe. I will share on that topic again soon with some of my own. Can't wait! Have a great week all.