For no one's better sake

New Look cape, Zara Wedges
Photos taken by Hosanna

A shopping trip with Hazel months and months back ago and I very randomly picked up this gorgeous cape left hanging on the rack which looked abandoned for some reason, I am still amazed it was still there when I picked it can anyone not love this?! It flows so perfectly. Prior to my previous post, this is without a doubt one of favourite items in my wardrobe at the moment. I don't need to go on about the weather here in Singapore but today was pretty perfect, I woke up hearing the weather forecast on the radio that it would be 33 degrees but still decided to go ahead with this anyway because I've been dying to wear it out again but halfway through breakfast at Cedele it started to pour and I secretly went 'YES!" because my outfit finally goes with the weather, it turned out to be a rather chilly day hence the random socks I got off from Daiso for 2 bucks. God, cheap thrills make me a happy girl. I can say this post might be dedicated to cheap thrills in one way or another since this cape was on sale and the last piece when I got it, my socks cost me two bucks and when I first caught my eye on these wedges in Singapore I was pretty broke but during my trip to London I found them a quarter of the price cheaper thanks to the dropping exchange rate at that time. Have a great weekend all, and oh, Selamat Hari Raya to all my muslim friends and readers!