We can dance in the moonlight all night long

I spent my entire evening shooting with Ydee who is yet another amazing photographer. We have many exciting upcoming projects we're working on and I can't wait to share with all of you! And I apologize for not being able to answer all your questions, I've been so caught up with school, do keep them coming though! I will have them answered over the next week or so if time allows me to. On a random note, I know question posts like the one I just did allows you to get to know me better but I really hope its not an opportunity for some of you to provoke me or poke into my personal life. I have my reasons for leaving out certain stuff in this blog and I really hope you can respect that. So if I leave out some questions, please don't be mad.... I'm using the word mad here only because I've recently had comments that seemed more like a scolding or as if some of you are trying to find fault with me. Not that it affects me but its just ridiculous in a way. Anyway, have a great weekend, I'm foreseeing a very long one on my side.