Light knits and floral playsuits on a rainy day

Floral Playsuit, Topshop, Knitted throwover, soon to be on destrucked, bag, vintage, shoes, Zara.

Photos by Ydee Jumanto

I kind of dressed opposing the stormy weather on Wednesday afternoon, I thought I needed some sunshine so I shall dress like there is even though it was actually the complete opposite. But I guess it doesn't matter when you're in comfortable clothing and with good company, my day went on really well. So much fun and laughter. Well I think my point here really is, if you want something hard enough and believe its really there, and behave or imagine it is, it actually comes to you. And maybe you might think this has nothing to do with my outfit but in a very very small way I think it does, I wanted nice weather, I wanted a good time just being able to relax and not think of anything else and I would only wear something this fun if I really knew it would be a good day (half the time I never bear to wear my favourite outfits out of the house and they end up lying my my wardrobe for a year before I realise...) and yeah everything was really really good. Anyway, sorry to even be side tracking to begin with, I'm not a life guru and never will be. I love happy clothes and I don't see why adorable playsuits like this will not make anyone's day. Have a great weekend all!