20 minutes under the sunset.

We all need a good swimsuit......and a size 10 boyfriend blazer which I got half price last Christmas. And nice sunsets along the beach to make it perfect. Not forgetting a great photographer! Sherman shot these for me for my supposedly launched months ago webstore but I kind of left the whole thing hanging and its been quite awhile now......which reminds me I have so much I need to get to, I can only pray that I have the energy to keep myself going for the next month or so. Back tracking...I have always loved the idea of being able to match beach wear with our basic wardrobe staples like a good blazer or maybe some high-waisted flared pants. It has always felt in one way or another rather refreshing to me and I'm hoping to be able to get a bit more playful with my clothes as soon as I start doing some organizing in my wardrobe. Wore this after a long miserable day scrambling around the most (I kind you not) disgusting beach trying to change out of bikinis after bikinis and maxi dresses.... it was just as tough on the photographer I must add, but when the sun started to set and the weather got ten times cooler, the last 20 minutes of the shoot became one of the most enjoyable experiences I'll never forget.