I could rob you

I just thought I'd use these to make up for the lack of updates in this space, but am sincerely apologetic that they aren't fantastic, I'd definitely put in more efforts to my photos when I have the time. This is what I wore to school today, the skirt is from a local store, the fox tail and fringe top are from DESTRUCKED, bag from Topshop and shoes from Forever 21. I think its my first time actually posting an outfit post where my legs are completely covered because I have to admit I've a fetish for really short stuff but I am so in love with the different number of variations you can come up with wearing a maxi skirt. Its so much fun. I've worn them a couple of times but never got around to photograph it. A good friend of mine felt that I looked rather gothic today and would be able to get away with this outfit if I were to go trick or treating, just that I probably needed some red lipstick for a 'bloody' effect. I'm not a very party kind of person to begin with and occasions like Halloween never really did affect me in anyway so it never did occur to me to dress up for it. But come to think of it...if I were to really get dressed, I think I would like to go as an oreo cookie.....hahahhahaahhaahhah.

This bag, is a real weapon. The studs are unbelievably sharp and I think they could knock a person off the ground if I were to hit hard enough. Its funny how all my accessories in one way or another turn out to be some sort of self defence package, especially when it comes to all the huge rings I love to stack on my fingers.