Zara dress and shoes, bag courtesy of Sundayswithyou

Love everything about this dress so I saw myself pouncing on it when it first caught my eye months ago in the store, despite being ridiculously long for someone who isn't very to prevent it from looking like a sarong on me I resorted to using my very (personal) magic rubber band tricks which I am hopefully able to share with all of you some time soon. I am fully aware that I've recently been wearing these Zara wedges to death, they're probably the most loyal pair of shoes I've had by far and for 90 pounds I must say they were very, very worthwhile. On a lighter note, I am currently awaiting the arrival of 4 pairs of shoes (very excited). I think its time I do a proper shoe post, dedicating each one of my lovelies with some proper attention. Oh and a huge shoutout to Hazel from Sundayswithyou for the adorable bag and taking these pictures for me!