Off the chain

I think I have decided that I should dress in more colour, and have some fun for abit rather than the usual black from head to toe. So I'm kind of stuck between paying for very overpriced shipping and waiting for my new boots to arrive before wearing this dress out. Honestly, does anyone feel me when I say...I don't bear to wear my nicer clothes to school? And that they should at least be worn out for a fun day first. For some reason, I just feel that what I wear to school won't be as appreciated especially when all of us are half-dead rushing deadlines and lacking of much needed sleep. I'v always felt that clothes, no matter how cheap or expensive, wherever from, needs to be treated with respect and appreciated, which is reason why I stroke some of them on a daily basis ha di dum ha ha. Call me insane but I love my clothes. I really should be going back to painting now. But before I do, I just have to say I am so in love with those reindeer antlers! For only 2 bucks, I must say they're very much worth it especially when I need to make me feel better about myself at times....and think of christmas plus looking forward to so many things. I've been singing a lot of 'Jingle bells' lately and I have no idea why. Oh my god, is it nearly december already?

*Ps does anyone want to order from I just need ONE order.. please email me directly at, otherwise I would be spending a bomb on shipping. Help help?