Oversized Striped Cardigan

Oversized cardigan by DESTRUCKED, leather flats, Forever 21, Balenciaga Bag

This week I welcomed my very first B Bag home, just as a birthday gift I got for myself after waiting and waiting. And celebrated my 17th birthday on friday evening, getting too lost for words by the little surprises my friends did for me I lost all my appetite. Thank you all so so much for your wishes via test messaging, Twitter, Facebook and for those who called! I feel so very blessed. Changed into this outfit just for the fun of it because I got sick of what I was wearing, but am so in love with this hugely oversized cardigan worn as a dress. Stripes will always be a part of me, something I was never able to comprehend how that started.

Cheers to the first and many more B Bags to come! Have a great week.