This is extremely random but all that talk about H&M opening in Singapore next Autumn just makes me want to start a petition to stop it from opening. Singapore is going to be filled with clones and I no longer find any excitement in flying to the other side of the world to go shopping. What are your thoughts?

PS* I did not mean to come across as arrogant, my thoughts are just with the fact that I think many of us never liked the idea of seeing someone else on the street in the same top or dress, whoever who wears it better. Or whatever style each individual has. I have never saw this as a threat. Its just personally a very uncomfortable feeling to me. And its not that I'm able to fly out very frequently or have a lot of money to begin with, because I don't but what I'm trying to say here really is, where will all that excitement go to? Won't you miss the feeling of staying up till 5 in the morning, bidding on eBay and jumping for joy when you won the bid? And opening that package when it reaches your doorstep. The smell of the brown envelopes..... ah lush! Or when you're vacationing, lets just talk about something more affordable here shall we? When I was in London, I was skipping from H&M to H&M along Oxford street, it was a great feeling being able to just shop without thinking for once, and being able to come home, smile at your clothes and feel at the very least special when you wear them. Because you know that not half of the people in Orchard Road are going to have it when you get home. I don't get to go there everyday so it is definitely a good feeling. So thats basically my point of view. No need to get worked up, I don't see the store opening as a threat. Was just sharing an opinion and asking for your views on it. I hope I've been able to clarify myself here because I'm extremely bad with my words. Mehhhh.