Falling Slowly

Monki shirt and boots, TheScarletRoom leather shorts, Clutch from local store

One can never go wrong with a white shirt, an essential in probably every human being's closet (if I may say so). With that, Monki has further embraced the classiness of a white shirt, in their own way through extra detailings. A chic fusion of how a shirt can be pretty girly yet be so masculine with a military touch to it. Visiting the store in Hong Kong felt like a little wonderland, I've been slowly following this swedish label for years now and it was great to be able to finally step into my own haven after so long. Thank God for Monki! And for my pal, Sherman for taking these photos for me. Its the last day of 2010 today and I've got so much I am just thankful for and especially to all of you lovely readers who have been giving me your kindest and most encouraging words, thank you for following my blog and I hope all of you have an amazing 2011!