From this day on,

Warehouse Blazer, H&M t-shirt, Daiso socks, Topshop Wisteria Wedges, Scarf from local store

What I wore out to have breakfast at Yoshinoya just a street away from our hotel at Ginza, it was a beautiful day and the scarf I hunted for with Fadli 2 days before I left Singapore kept me nice and fuzzy for the morning before getting changed into some fur for the rest of the day spent mainly roaming around Shibuya and some shrine I can't quite remember the name of but I had one of the best tempura meals nearby. So thankful to be able to be brought around by locals, its always a different experience altogether and even listening to them in the middle of their conversations is so inspiring and heartwarming although you have no idea what they're saying. They just never fail to put a smile to your face. Photos of me taken by Jolene Loh.