Black Friday

BYSI blouse, American Apparel skirt, Topshop shoes, Balenciaga Bag
Photos by Hazel T.

I'm loving the cool weather these days but its been too temperamental for me to fully appreciate, the wind really screwed my hair up last week and made my skirt fly up so we ended up taking so much time just to be able to get a few decent photos. I really love this outfit though, I've worn it countless of times to be honest, something I'm not very fond of admitting to, it really makes me feel kind of powerful. The flowy sleeves bring it to a whole new level, as if there is a whimsical touch to it and I find myself getting really into character when I put this on. Thats the thing about me, really. I find it a need to have fun when I'm dressed up. Guess its time to finally to put outfit aside...have a great weekend everyone.