Lets make tonight a good night

Zara poncho and wedges, H&M cuff, Topshop bag

Happened to be in quite a hurry when I left my place the yesterday evening and grabbed pretty much the first thing I saw in my wardrobe, this poncho-kaftan thingy I got months ago which I've been yearning to wear and these worn-to-death wedges happened to be lying in my balcony just as I was about to run out of home. I do wish I had the patience to really be a girl at times, like take an hour to get myself properly dressed in an outfit planned the night before, shaving my legs then moisturizing every part of me, going through a proper procedure of getting my make up done rather than randomly sticking on my lashes then rubbing some eye shadow across my eye lids which are already barely visible. Two words to sum this up, plain lazy. Probably something I should work on this 2011.