Visuals: Hong Kong & Tokyo

I still find it hard to grasp the fact that I was able to make it to this trip especially when it was so last minute, we had plans going on for weeks but the results never seemed to surface and I literally jumped for joy when all three of my flights were confirmed on the same day 2 weeks before I was set to leave Singapore. It has taught me so much and given me memories I will keep close to my heart. I saw myself having walks alone at 6 in the morning around Causeway Bay, running around H&m and Monki for hours and hours, drooling over Birkins after Birkins, queuing for 2 hours to have the world's cheapest Michelin star dim sum and reaching the airport a half hour before my flight to Tokyo, getting amused at how quickly the meter in the cabs in Tokyo jump, living in one of the most beautiful districts I now know as Marunouchi, hopping from pub to pub and laughing till my cheeks hurt, getting bloody amused by the staff at the 11 storey Aberombie & Fitch store in Ginza who say "Hey, how's it going" in american accents rather than the usual string of japanese words you hear everywhere, wasting afternoons alone in the hotel trying to find a english tv channel, getting lost in the ever-confusing train maps, being the best dressed pair on our way up to Mount Fuji, queuing for Ippudo's at 11 at night and slurping down the best bowl of ramen in the very fun atmosphere of being in a noodle shop, having Shin-san be my hero for a night when he lectures my aunt on why she should support my bag collecting hobby and why a Birkin is a Birkin, crawling my way around the stores at Shibuya 101, having the most amazing home cooked meal prepared by Miyuki-san at her beautiful home, grabbing practically everything at Daiso in Harajuku, flipping through pages after pages of Vivi mag, exchanging Singaporean culture for japanese, stuffing ourselves silly with more Ippudo's....Thank you to the new friends I made who allowed this trip to be such a memorable experience for me. Fingers crossed I get invited back this year. And I hope you guys enjoy the visuals! Editing and just going through the pictures is a whole new experience on its own. All photos are taken by me and those of myself are taken by Jolene Loh. Hope you're having a great start to the new year! More visuals are up on Facebook.