Chill in my veins

Photos by Ydee Jumanto

I happen to really love this dress/top or whatever you want to call it, probably a longer and more flowy version of the one that retailed in Topshop some time ago but this hangs so well and if I could do it any justice, even better than the Topshop one (which I bought for skimpy days) and is my kind of little black dress. Brought in a couple of pieces that was meant to be up on my webstore but...guess that can wait for awhile! Paired with my ever favourite Topshop boots. On a random note, me today: overpriced eggs and toast for breakfast, scrambling all over my room for something decent I could put on which eventually turned it into a warzone, surviving the insane heat before being stranded in an empty car park thanks to Singapore's very temperamental weather, I was nearly blown away even under all that shelter and lastly, gawking at the number of fallen trees all over me neighbourhood. Seriously sky, what up?