especially today

Random photos taken over quite a while I managed to recollect browsing through my insane collection of photos. From a breakfast over 6 months ago to myself being stranded in a carpark and lastly, my improvised version of the Lanvin for H&M dress. I collected my dress during the weekend after waiting for 2 months, you'd probably be thinking 'so last year' but I disagree despite not being able to understand what took it so long. Its really such a pretty dress and getting my hands on a piece the amazing Alber Elbaz put his heart into is something words cannot describe, even though this might have been a collaboration with a high-street chain store, Alber loved the idea of 'H&M going luxury rather than Lanvin going public' and at times like this, I sit back and stare into space and just smile. Thank you Alber for doing this, thank you for making people dream in fashion. I hope I won't disappoint though, having bought the dress a few sizes too big, happily bidding away on eBay (very foolishly), it is obviously too long for my body frame so my aunt kindly offered to unpick the last tier of the dress which turned out to be so much hard work when I tried getting my hands at it. So much material and 3 layers inside, I could make probably ten other tu tu skirts! Which I think could be quite an interesting project and I'd have bits and pieces of clothes with some Lanvin in me. Anyway, I now have a mini dress and hopefully, I'd be able to share some photos with all of you soon. Have a great week!