I should be resting in bed right now thanks to a horrible flu and throat infection (I swear I sound horrid, I mean my voice. I can only squeak) but I kind of think my weekend is one worth documenting. For a start, I got a pair of pants. Thats a miracle on its own. Then I wore them the very next day. Another miracle since I tend to take forever to get my things worn. Thirdly, I actually wore them! Really, trust me when I say I never wear pants or trousers or anything that covers my legs other than skirts or tights. This is a first for me and I don't know if I pulled it off but anyway, to do the pants some justice, they were so comfortable I felt like I was in silky pajama land. The blouse I paired this with is actually a toga dress from The Scarlet Room so I left the back of the dress untucked for a nice little surprise. Its an amazing dress, genius actually. I figured how to wear it in 3 completely different ways, almost totally unrecognizable from the first.

Guess I will end this off with a picture Fadli shot of me, just to show the flow of the pants. I guess for a first, they were pretty interesting to wear. Highwaisted flares sound suddenly very appetizing to me now. Anyway, they're Topshop and rather cool, so I'd recommend it lunar new year shopping. Have a great week everyone!