Can't buy me love

Leopard shirt, Tsumori Chisato, maxi skirt, BeyondBlackDreams, bag, Sundayswithyou, adderbite ring, eBay

I don't have much to say today except that my heart and prayers go out to the affected people of Japan. The whole thing going on over there still hasn't fully settled into my brain yet and I guess thats perhaps because I'm so lucky to be here in Singapore. Singapore has so far been safe from so many natural disasters over the past years and other than being thankful, we should all pray for these people and hope Japan will soon be able to pick itself up again.

Here's just a few pics of what I wore yesterday, guess its more than appropriate for church but thanks Sundayswithyou for the bag and Hazel for the pictures. On a lighter note, this adderbite ring has been my companion for the past week, I've never really wore this ring throughout the time I've owned it and that could probably be because its so heavy and my fingers tend to get crushed when people give me handshakes or I often get asked "whats with the knuckle dusters?". I've mentioned briefly before that its like a real weapon, a black eye could almost be an understatement.