I had the privilege of spending the afternoon at Salon Vim the other day where my hair was given a completely new lift of life! Having always lived with terrible hair and not being very bothered to do anything about it, I am so thankful for my very patient stylist, Ivan, who beared with all the frizz, tangles...I shall not elaborate..really. Other than the haircut, I got to try out one of the latest technologies by Loreal Professional called Fiberceutic. Hair usually wears out with time and the ends tend to get thinner and thinner as the new ones grow so this treatment was perfect for my hair and worked wonders even though I felt it was almost impossible to salvage. The Fiberceutic nourishes, reinforces and reconstructs the hair ends making it stronger and more fuller looking. I can only say it felt like liberation walking out of the salon with hair I never imagined I could have. Much thanks to everyone, especially Ivan and Gary who did not give up on my very bad hair. I had a great time! Salon Vim is located at 313 Somerset #04-07/08/09. My readers get a 10% off! Guess everyone can see the major differences in hair texture from the second and last picture. It really feels like a miracle.

On a side note, SHOPMISSINGAVENUE has been updated. Sorry for the bad pictures!