That single solitary guide

Knitted Blouse, Monki, Skirt, courtesy of Robot Ninjas, shoes, Topshop
Photos by Edgar (thanks for bearing with me!)

I suddenly notice that every time I'm wearing a tutu skirt, I tend to randomly throw over a loose top and for some reason, maybe I'm just boring like that, my outfit usually ends up getting paired with my Topshop Wisterias. Probably also because of its lovely material. Anyway, another cradle-worthy piece is this new skirt Robot Ninjas gifted me in the most adorable shade of pink. It makes me like a little princess playing with my barbie dolls having tea parties. It was ridiculously warm yesterday and despite the complaints I'm guilty of, I secretly love the sunshine after all the rain Singapore has been 'drowned' with nearly every other day. Ended my day watching The Mentalist back to back, I am so in love with Patrick Jane, he just never fails to crack me up at any time.