Heavy Heart

Sorry I haven't been updating! I've been...busy and kind of distracted. But anyway life has been good. If you follow me on Twitter, you would know that 1) I've been obsessed with everything salmon and eating it every other day...trying to perfect my skills of grilling one with peppercorns. Or doing different variations of smoked salmon sandwiches and having it before sunrise then heading to bed. 2) I've been busy doing up an upcycled garment for school and that little petal thing of organic shapes in the 5th photo is the skirt I worked on made out of wires, paper and a whole lot of glue. I will be shooting the entire garment this weekend so I'll hopefully be able to share some photos of the finished piece with you guys, Its kind of a follow up from this head piece I made last year, but I dismantled that to save myself some time. Apart from that, I am working on a few collaborations for the blog so fingers crossed that everything runs smoothly! Oooh and thank you Laura for the lovely package of goodies from somethingnoir I got today!