I Will Possess Your Heart

Lovely evening today and not much of a surprise since the whole world was watching the most beautiful wedding of the century. Princess Diana must have been so proud watching from heaven. Even though I didn't manage to watch the wedding yet...I thought I should just commemorate the English today with my rendition of an English school girl outfit when I headed out for dinner. Maybe not so english-y (if there is such a word...!) but it was perfect for the cool weather. The white collar detail is actually the top I'm wearing inside from the garment I did for school, and a cardigan worn backwards..which I foolishly also wore inside out. Only realised when I was on the way back home, thank God there wasn't any loose threads of tags dangling out. As for the shorts, they're without a doubt the most striking shade of red, you can't get any better than that! They'll be up on Destrucked soon, personally hand picked by myself. Hope you guys will love them as much as I do! Thank you Sam C for patiently taking these pictures for me!