Topshop clutch & boots, Blouse courtesy of somethingnoir, randomly bought pants

Sorry if the photos aren't very clear...I've been in the middle of a camera kind of crisis lately and these were the only few shots that ended up making the cut. My camera is desperately in need of some fixing. I can't help but whine about it for abit......because I'm not even kidding when I say its dying. So badly wish a new one would gently appear by my bed side when I wake up one morning. And as for me, I've spent the past few days slowly floating from being sad to being happy again. I've always known where I wanted to be in my life and although I am probably nowhere near there as of yet I'm glad I'm slowly picking myself up again and working towards it. Its been awhile...and as each day passes, I know I am a step closer. So its good to know! And a pretty great feeling. So how is everyone today? Lets all put some colour into our lives...starting from our very own wardrobe! Say hello to the most comfortable pair of pants on earth, even though its 2 sizes too big for me. Paired with the lovely sheer goodness of a blouse from somethingnoir.