Shoulders & Arms

Sweater courtesy of W.A.R, socks by Topshop, Shorts by Topshop, Shoes by Monki

So happy to finally be able to update a short post! Just because taking awkward photos around school seem a tad too hard. I've worn this outfit too many times, to the airport, to Mcdonalds at the mall near my place, to shopping because its so comfortable. Pretty much everywhere, I've been getting through my weeks so far reading up recipes and getting excited about plate shopping at Ikea which finally managed to surface on Saturday afternoon accompanied by some Salmon with peppercorn before I proceeded to cook up a feast the moment I got home. Life's good as long as there's a pretty kitchen around and an american supermarket around you. On the other hand...thank you W.A.R for sending me this lovely staple I never knew I needed so bad!