What the rest did,

Haaaapppppy Easter everyone! I spent the afternoon doing a quick shoot for the garment I worked on for my final school assignment so here are just a few random behind the scene shots I took today. It was my first time being entirely behind the camera and I started off literally shaking like a sick dude because this shoot just needed to be a good one. We were kind of keeping our fingers very tightly crossed for the sky to give a sudden wave of sunshine when it started to turn dark ten minutes after I reached the location. I was bloody melting just before that! But anyway, God is good and we were blessed with some sunshine soon after. And the shoot turned out great (even though my camera decided to fail me for quite a bit & I nearly thought my petal skirt was going to fall apart when I first took it out of the bag), Nad did an amazing job as usual. I am so glad I asked her for this little favor to model for me! She made this shoot a breeze for me and one well worth remembering. Hope to be able to share the final results with you guys by the end of the week. Tons of editing to get started on. Ciao!