Loud beach

Sorry for the sudden burst of so much colour, I spent the morning at the beach with a couple of friends and the girls were kind enough to help me wear a few of my dresses I picked out to put up on the store. Its to no surprise how much I love tie dye simply because no one dress is ever the same. Each one is a work of art on its own and I love sourcing for the loveliest pieces when I travel. I got these last year during one of my trips and lugged a whole bag of them home but sadly never got to photograph them. As much as I love the beach, I'm not a very beach person and only make a trip down less than a handful of times in a year so these dresses have been rotting in my wardrobe for a long time now. Today seemed like the perfect time to take them out to play and it was all good until the rain started to pour. I still have one or two dresses I didn't manage to photograph but for now, the rest are up on shopmissingavenue!